Who We Are

We know successful performance improvement happens intentionally, with enabled work teams and on-demand, actionable intelligence. This is why SITEFLO assembled a collective of software aficionados and packaging sector experts, firmly rooted in innovation in both packaging and software environments.

We understand the packaging sector and the pressure it is under to improve, and the myriad of choices the industrial internet and the internet of things presents to that end. By combining our teams knowledge from their storied careers in both aforementioned sectors, we create new products and streamline existing technologies to help you succeed in a dynamic, high pressure sector that demands continuous improvement.

At the core of what we offer is the SITEFLO software platform that helps performance specialists in the packaging sector identify and implement improvement projects, monitor machine performance and enable technical employees. By allowing for the provision of context throughout operating environments, organizations can improve response times to critical events that create downtime, rework, and other costly issues, and get on-demand intelligence that they’ve never had access to before.

We’re firmly committed to providing what our customers feel are tailored solutions to their problems, without the often painful cost and implementation of having custom software solutions developed or deploying traditional manufacturing execution software.

Instead, we’re focused on providing discrete, semi-automated technologies for progressive packaging organizations and aspirational automation suppliers, who share a goal to improve performance in factories.

Our Team


Brent Macdonald

CEO & Co-Founder


David McNally

Director of Channel Partnerships


Caitlyn Milberry

Marketing Automation


Nathan Armstrong

Account Management


Brett Payne

Vice President of Sales

ASH Headshot

Ashley Abernethy

Sales Enablement


Nick Spacek

Senior Developer


Sean Greenlaw



Barry Meyer

Business Development