A Mobile-Based Performance Improvement System Built for People

SITEFLO is a discrete, mobile software solution for continuous improvement that helps manufacturers:

  • Identify and implement performance improvement projects
  • Monitor machine performance and enable technical employees
  • Improve response times to critical events that create downtime, rework, and other issues

With SITEFLO, manufacturers get critical intelligence on factory issues, all available on a real-time, customizable dash board. Get access to performance data on assets or the activities of technical employees, and provide your team with mobile tools to work efficiently and to meet performance objectives for the organizations you supply.


Identify Performance Improvement Projects

Drop the solution in and identify a performance improvement project immediately. Configure the system to transform a simple paper-based or non-existent workflow required to understand whether or not your process is effective and where the bottlenecks are. Collect and share data digitally from multiple users and sites, and aggregate your findings on a web-enabled dashboard in real-time. Identify the most substantive opportunities for performance enhancement by possessing the data to make an intelligent decision.

Monitor Machine Performance and Enable Employees

Get real-time intelligence on how equipment, consumables, and other assets deployed on sites are performing without having to integrate. With new assets and equipment, monitor performance as you ramp up to hit the desired efficiencies and performance standards built into automation supplier contracts. Build real-time monitoring into all of your deployments, and get your equipment working for you faster than you ever have before.

Improve Response Times to Critical Events

Get real time alerts on specific activities or performance criteria that leads to your most critical issues. Respond within minutes of hearing of an issue, not within days or hours. Knowing issues immediately means you can interject if required, and work with your employees to reduce downtime, rework, and improve overall efficiencies.

How it Works

SITEFLO enablement representatives work with you to understand your workflow, users, and key performance improvement objectives. The system is configured to meet your needs, and a ramp up, training, and deployment schedule is assembled, with a goal to grow the system into multiple performance improvement projects over time.

Rugged mobile devices are deployed to users if required, and field based data can be collected shared immediately with management to prove the system’s value before rolling it across multiple lines, and into multiple projects. Management and administrative personnel are trained to configure the system so that you can modify the system as you see fit, with support provided when you need it. Get started within weeks, not months or years.