On-Demand Intelligence for Automation Supplier Assets, Consumables, and Trials

SITEFLO is a mobile software solution that helps automation suppliers with:

  • Real-time audits on lines or assets
  • Monitoring an installed base or new equipment and consumables
  • Tracking performance of trials and service provision

With SITEFLO, Automation Suppliers can access up to 90% more intelligence from geographically distributed assets, solution sellers, implementation teams, and from site personnel on a real-time, customizable dashboard. 

Get access to performance, and provide your personnel with mobile tools in the field to meet performance objectives for your customer and your organization.


Real-Time Audits

Know exactly what solution is required for your customers, immediately. Configure the system to transform your static, paper-based line audits in factories or on sites with high value assets. Instead, collect and share data digitally from multiple users and sites, and aggregate your findings on a web-enabled dashboard in real-time. Identify the most substantive opportunities for performance enhancement through the provision of services or improvements to an installed base.

Monitoring Installed or New Assets

With new assets and equipment, monitor performance as you ramp up to hit the desired efficiencies and performance standards built into your contracts.

Build real-time monitoring into all of your deployments, and meet your customers expectations.

Tracking Performance of Trials and Service Provision

Understand whether or not your proof-of-concept or trials are succeeding, and the factors that influence their success.

Field based personnel and management for automation suppliers can receive real-time alerts when the POC or trial is trending toward failure.

With the ability to know issues and interject immediately, you can wade in as required to work with your customer to save the trial, or pull it altogether if you’re not getting site buy in..

How It Works

SITEFLO enablement representatives work with you to understand your assets, workflow, users, and key automation objectives. The system is configured to meet your needs, and a ramp up, training, and deployment schedule is assembled, with a goal to grow the system by product or service line as you experience success. 

Rugged mobile devices are deployed to users if required, and field based data can be collected shared immediately with management to prove the system’s value before rolling it across multiple product lines. Management and administrative personnel are trained to configure the system so that you can modify the system as you see fit, with support provided when you need it.