Using SiteFlo to Make Safer Food

SiteFlo customers are using our solution to meet, HACCOP, SQF (Safe Quality Food), BRC (British Retail Council) and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) requirements

Problem: Currently, additional human resources are being used in attempts to effectively manage the volume of data and personnel activity required to meet stringent food safety requirements, often increasing  production costs related to training, inputting data and maintaining compliance records, with limited returns.

Solution: SiteFlo software is being implemented in a variety of food and beverage industries to track employee activity and data required to meet SQF, BRC GAP, and other regulatory requirements.  With SiteFlo, personnel involved in compliance activity can be tracked and traced down to the time, date, and result of the observation and inspection.

By combining data on employee behaviors with inspection-based data, and sharing it throughout an organization in real-time, the SiteFlo product provides insight not currently available with existing solutions. Management can easily identify root causes of issues and technical personnel can be held accountable when required.


  • Reduced risk of losing critical contracts with large retailers by having the ability to address both personnel and production issues simultaneously and immediately
  • Enhance your position by exceeding requirements when sourcing new business opportunities
  • 30% technician and management time savings associated with digitizing what is currently a paper based process
  • Ease of the internal and third party auditing process
  • Improved isolation of compromised product