Semi-Automated Intelligence and Your Installed Base

Manufacturing intelligence is often characterized in “big-data” terms, where seemingly endless production and process data is aggregated, analyzed, organized into data streams, and then socialized with management using Manufacturing Execution Software (MES).

Where such intelligence is powerful, especially in completely automated facilities, this approach can be costly, and often challenging for a large portion of the manufacturing market where semi-automated, mobile solutions are a better fit.

Consider the installed base of equipment in most manufacturing operations, which is in many cases disconnected, with data collection, tracking, and software systems that don’t relate. Although transforming an aging installed base into a fully automated system that delivers on the promise of real-time manufacturing intelligence isn’t a fit for all operations, it is possible to deliver unparalleled insight into an operation with a semi-automated, mobile approach.

Consider the immediate benefits of semi-automated, mobile solutions in manufacturing to drive real-time intelligence, like:

1. Labour Productivity: Jumping from no automation to full automation can be challenging, and often not possible given cost and other resourcing concerns. Semi-automation can bring tools to your labour force that make them productive, and bring an immediate lift to your business with actionable intelligence that you don’t have to wait months for.

2. Labour Engagement: With appropriately designed hardware and software that mimics consumer applications that your workforce uses, as well as a clearly visible workflow, labour engagement with work processes can increase significantly, and free up time to work on the most critical activities.

3. Flexible Processes: When processes or operating procedures change, semi-automated solutions can be changed at will by users with the appropriate permissions, and changes can be pushed out to personnel immediately.

4. Continuous Improvement is Possible: When you’re not tied down by a cumbersome, inflexible intelligence package that is difficult to apply, you can use your semi-automated solution in a variety of environments to continuously improve your operation.

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