How Is Your Equipment Install Performing? Any Clue?

Do you really know? Most automation suppliers don’t, short of the odd visit to observe how things are going. It’s interesting given how big of a bet automation or equipment installs are to make.

All of the cost your automation business has to incur,
only to rely on “hope” over “intelligence” when you leave a customers site.

The automation business is challenging, and equipment installations are fraught with challenges, with suppliers trying to hit performance guarantees while struggling to integrate equipment with an install base that they didn’t put in. Operators, who may or may not know how to use or maintain gear, and, upstream challenges that may compromise how a new installation performs.

Admittedly, much of this is out of a suppliers control and while one can hold a customers hand for a short time (in fact, they have to), customers have to fly eventually.

Without intellingence, a suppliers margin and relationship be compromised while a customer learns to fly. The what if’s are tough to face:

  • What if your installation is causing downtime and rework?
  • What if the line is under performing, and, you were pegged as the problem even though it wasn’t you?
  • What if an operator wasn’t trained appropriately on how to use what you installed?
  • What if the next time you competed for an installation, you lost your bid because you botched the last install and didn’t even know it?
So, what’s an automation supplier to do?
The progressive suppliers are turning to cost-effective, discrete, low-friction technology to gather insight and intelligence, before the aforementioned questions are ever asked. And they’re doing so because today, they don’t get enough intelligence during or after their installs.
Consider for a moment, how much money a real-time alert like this could save you, and you’ll get the drift:
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What if you got it via email? Or, your customers did at your choosing?

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