Here’s what happened to SITEFLO after Pack Expo

1. What was their packaging lines current VS potential capacity?
2. Could automation improve that and if so, how could that improvement be quantified?
3. What would their costs look like after the fact? What do they look like today?
4. How could an automation supplier ramp up to desired throughput rates faster than anybody else, and what was that worth considering different end of line environments?
5. How could unplanned maintenance and downtime be reduced relative to normal operating conditions?

6. Could more automation affect overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?

To top that off, our existing automation supplier customers at Pack Expo in other booths were pitching SITEFLO as a way to complete on-site performance improvement projects, to complete the aforementioned assessments with their own customers.

We got very busy, very quickly, with some of the best customers in the world.

Making the right automation choices is still difficult, but, making those choices with intelligence is what’s differentiating the good automation suppliers from the great.

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