what real-time root cause and downtime context looks like

Getting notifications on the root causes of downtime, regardless of the vintage or monitoring capabilities of your packaging equipment?

Why not?

Find out how powerful a context-first mobile app can be, whether you’re an automation supplier or a manufacturer at Pack Expo 2014 with SITEFLO and Flexicell in Booth C 5242.


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3 Reasons To See SITEFLO in Booth C5242 at Pack Expo Vegas

Pack Expo 2015 in Las Vegas is awash with automation, and selecting the right robotic solutions on an 800,000 square foot show floor with over 1,800 exhibitors, and 30,000 industry professionals is daunting.

To help, Flexicell, a global leader in robotic automation, has partnered with SITEFLO to offer Pack Expo attendees a working experience in their booth, so that attendees leave with more than just free swag.

Here are three reasons we think Flexicell Booth C 5242 in Central Hall will be one of the most valuable booth visits you can make at Pack Expo:

1. Flexicell and SITEFLO are offering free assessments of Pack Expo attendees packaging operations within the booth, drawing on Flexicell’s rich history of robotic picking, packaging, and palletizing experience. We’ll be documenting your operating conditions discretely and electronically on mobile devices, and providing you with a report after the show.

2. We’re building on the packing operations assessments to also provide a comparison so you can determine the potential for Flexicell solutions to dramatically improve your operations as compared to your baseline state. You can leave the show with some understanding of what kind of impact our solutions could make.

3. If we collectively decide Flexicell technology is a fit, we’re offering free on-site assessments we call Single-Shift-Continuous-Improvement Projects to identify opportunities for performance improvement in your operating environment. These are like line audits, but with more actionable intelligence than you’ve ever experienced. Think real-time streaming of data as we complete our assessments on site, and robust reporting to help quantify your biggest problem areas.

To complete the assessments, Flexicell
(http://www.flexicell.com) has partnered with SITEFLO (http://www.mysiteflo.com), industry leading producers of performance improvement mobile applications for the packaging sector.

The future of robotic packaging and palletizing systems is here. Work with Flexicell and SITEFLO to make the right automation choices.

For more information on our approach, and to find out more about how we can work with you to affect OEE, reduce downtime, improve performance, and make better automation choices, here’s a 2 minute video clip of what you can expect from the Flexicell / SITEFLO partnership: