5 Reasons I’m Ecstatic About Version 2.0 of SITEFLO

5 Reasons I'm Ecstatic About Version 2.0 of SITEFLO


Next week, we release Version 2.0 of SITEFLO. The evolution of the product is really exciting, now laser focused as a direct result of feedback loops with our partners, customers, and the markets we were pulled into.

Version 2.0 is all about the identification, monitoring, and solving of performance problems in packaging and manufacturing sectors. It has particular relevance for the lean, six-sigma, and continuous improvement crowd, and just about anybody interested in solving asset based and process problems in highly technical operating environments.Here are the top 5 reasons I’m ecstatic about Version 2.0, and the people who built it:

1. It Was Developed by Misfits: I say this affectionately. We’ve got a team of packaging sector partners and software aficionados who are exceptionally talented at spotting and solving performance problems in packaging and manufacturing environments. Their collective level of knowledge is extremely rare, and their collaboration on this product, which meant parking many of their own interests, got all of us a focused product and service offering that is delivering big wins for all of us. They’re a unique crew, they break traditional molds, and they’re not usually married up like we have them today, but they’ve baked themselves into our product and the value our customers are creating as a result is wild. It’s humbling, and we’re quite fortunate.

2. We Did Away With Your Grandfather’s Asset Hierarchy: I know that asset hierarchy’s sound terribly boring, but this one isn’t. While asset hierarchy’s within products like ours are fairly common place, this one has features that most don’t, allowing for really granular customization of the parent and child relationships that exist within an organization and its assets, for more powerful slicing and dicing of data. When you couple that with some of the support we provide, you get access to powerful analytics.

3. Some Amazing Organizations Pre-Ordered It: Some of the largest automation suppliers, packaging and manufacturing organizations in the world are using the product today. Even better, small and medium-sized organizations are using it in a similar manner, to identify, monitor, and solve common performance problems in their operating environments. Many ordered it on the strength of Version 2.0, which was really designed by them in the first place. The feedback loop we’ve got with our customers and partners is an honest one, and it’s really effective.

4. The New Application Makes Tracking Downtime Easy: Downtime keeps our customers up at night, and Version 2.0 makes downtime tracking a breeze. Even more pleasing for me was that we released features that are proving extremely complimentary to our customers advanced manufacturing execution software, and other OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) focused products installed. Our team nailed the mobile-based nature of downtime tracking. It wasn’t easy, and use of the application for these purposes continues to identify $1M+ problems that other products miss. It’s nice to make measurable impacts alongside other products we really respect.

5. The Product and the Support We Provide Makes Problem Solvers Very Effective: This is important nuance. We’re a product based company, but we see ourselves as servicing and enabling problem solvers in highly technical work environments. These problem solvers aren’t assets on a line, and they can’t be automated out of a process or a sector by the industrial internet of things. Yes, they need better tools, but these are real people, capable of tackling the issues of global competitiveness and efficiency in packaging, broader manufacturing, and other technical sectors. When they’re given appropriate technology and exceptional support,  performance improvement and problem solving isn’t only possible, it makes an immediate impact and provides a return within days.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what our team worked so hard to create. We’re looking forward to advancing the product together with your continued support!

Brent MacDonald