Industrial Internet of Things and No New Tech

Industrial Internet of Things and No New Tech

Watch this 5 minute video with our CEO Brent MacDonald, talking about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), and how it’s introducing new solutions to problems with connected objects, but isn’t necessarily introducing any new technology.

Brent also walks through three things to get comfortable with when you’re purchasing internet of things solutions, including:

  • Discrete, stand-alone systems that compliment existing systems;
  • New pricing models and dramtically lower development costs that make IIOT solutions cost effective; and
  • How to deal with feedback from vendors entrenched in your manufacturing or packaging organization.

If you want to read more about demystifying purchasing in the age of the industrial internet, head over to our blog here.

You can also read more about the benefits of semi-automated technology from the IIOT here.


Mobile Apps VS Manufacturing Execution Software

 Mobile Apps VS Manufacturing Execution Software
 Another great question came in from a customer that we field all of the time about the difference between a mobile application for performance improvement purposes, and what customers have access to through their manufacturing execution software (MES), visualization tools, ERP systems, or other automation.

The truth is, discrete mobile applications that don’t connect to your existing systems can drive a lot of value, and they can coexist with all of your other systems. But, there are some pretty distinct differences between them, and they’re baked in at the design stage. At first glance, mobile applications may look a lot like a feature sold by your existing provider, but they can be wildly different.

In any case, the answer to the question is a simple one.

Watch our CEO Brent MacDonald, respond to the question in a 2 minute video and start wrapping your arms around the industrial internet and the mobile applications that will drive it.

The Rework Alert Our Customers Love

Click the image above and below view a quick demonstration of the alert using VINE. In this case, a demonstration from somebody who is off site, but who expects to be notified about rework in real-time, by email, and through our mobile application.

This has become an extremely effective way for SITEFLO customers to understand the causes of rework, to reduce it and the associated costs, and to increase response times to rework issues from hours or days to minutes.

Increasing Throughput and Revenue $1M+ With Zero Machinery Investment

Increasing Throughput and Revenue $1M+ With Zero Machinery Investment

In this three minute video, Brent MacDonald, CEO at SITEFLO, explains how a one week deployment made one of the largest protein processing and packaging organizations $1M+ annually on one line as a result of increased throughput per week. It lead to a replicable process improvement project across multiple sites to save considerably more money almost instantly.

Specifically, we introduce how mobile tech was used instead of making machinery investments to affect a key metric the customer tracked called shrink-rate (or shrinkage), which helps identify how much meat shrinks as it moves through a processing line as it’s manipulated, cooked, and packaged.

3 Reasons Automation Suppliers Should Use Mobile Tech for Trials

3 Reasons Automation Suppliers Should Use Mobile Tech for Trials

We’ve been inundated with requests about how Automation Suppliers (like agencies, original equipment manufacturers, service, and consumables suppliers) can use mobile and cloud based technologies to run more effective equipment trials and proof of concept periods. To give you some help, we produced a 4 minute video for you on 3 Reasons Automation Suppliers Should Use Mobile Tech for Trials. Hope this helps. We’ll keep these videos coming as your questions pour in.


Co-Founder and CEO at SITEFLO