The Conscious Factory and Continuous Improvement


This week, Nest CEO Tony Fadell referred to his organizations technology, a home-based connected thermostat and smoke alarm, as a core part of what he calls the Conscious Home. This is in stark contrast to the Smart Home he mused, as “Smart” is overused, and his technology is certainly not smarter than his users. Instead, Nest products create a two-way relationship with users, to improve a home environment for users.

It’s a goal we share with our SITEFLO product, which is a discrete, semi-automated tool to lift up continuous improvement projects. We’re fortunate to have capable and highly technical users, and our product exists to enable excellence and efficiency in their operations.

The idea of the Conscious Home has relevance in industrial environments, as continuous improvement leaders seek to develop the Conscious Factory.

Just as Nest products are invited into the home, continuous improvement leaders are invited into industrial environments, and they’re required to both earn the trust of an operation, understand it’s heartbeat, and implement changes to improve it.

But in the case of the continuous improvement leader, this invitation often occurs in the absence of tools to support the effort, to truly track and understand that heartbeat, and to build trust through shared and collaborative success.

Often, the continuous improvement leader is faced with what appears to be an automated, Conscious Factory, but in reality is actually a plant with disparate, disconnected systems that don’t aggregate specific data in forms that are truly useful for continuous improvement.

Discrete, connected systems like SITEFLO can be deployed in days to support improvements, and when paired with a capable user, can bring rapid time to value and ultimately earn the trust of an organization committed to improvement and efficiency long-term.

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