Capturing Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge in highly technical working environments is difficult to capture and expensive to lose as workforces age and highly trained personnel exit organizations for other opportunities. But, knowledge in domains of interest can easily be captured and used to train employees, and to inform the development of new procedures and workflow. Performance can be measurabily improved if technicians are using the right tools and if management has insight into their day to day activities and decision making process.

SiteFlo can be configured to capture expert knowledge and the expert can be trained rapidly to use the system. That data can be migrated into other systems to fill in logic gaps, or reviewed on its own to inform operations planning.

SiteFlo is also structured to allow for data capture from multiple experts in different locations. Data can be captured, time stamped, and compared with data from other locations and operations, providing insight into how work practices may differ and how they affect performance.

Other SiteFlo features can be leveraged to provide experts with the ability to identify reasons for choices they make while they work, giving management insight into the choices made by technicians that contribute to an optimal operating environment.

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