Think like a technician when choosing a mobile solution

Modern mobile devices can have a dramatic, positive impact on technicians managing their workflow and tracking data in advanced food processing and manufacturing environments given the opportunity for improved user experiences using new technology. Choosing the right solution for quality, maintenance, operating procedure, or other purposes, can lead to improved compliance, site reliability, and more efficient operations, but it’s difficult to make the right choice.

Historically, a technician’s user experience has been an afterthought in environments where poorly designed and rigid human-machine interfaces are the norm. Often, a typical digital data tracking experience involves a technician viewing data on a dull wireframe as an interface, using a static pen to interact with hardware, and typing on a small physical keyboard.

Ultimately, how often and effectively technicians use the solution you implement will dictate the value an organization can drive from a mobile system. So, properly evaluating a technician’s users experience is a good first step to understanding potential user engagement after you implement a solution.

Remember, it is possible to design experiences technicians enjoy, so don’t settle for less. When searching for a solution provider to help you manage technical workflow and to provide personnel with tracking devices, look for the following:

  • Configurable applications that you can update easily, with a minimal professional services component.
  • Well-designed, easy to use interfaces. It should be possible to train technicians in minutes, not days or months.
  • Cost-effective hardware that can be ruggedized with protective cases easily. In most cases, avoid hardware that costs over $500 / device.
  • Make sure solutions can scale to multiple applications and uses in your environment.
  • Get a full demo of the solution and select providers who allow for pilots before purchasing.

At SiteFlo, we’ve designed our solution alongside technicians, leveraging modern mobile devices that many of our users learn to use within minutes. With their honest feedback, we’ve crafted something that technicians genuinely enjoy, and a solution that provides management with critical insight in their day-to-day operations.

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